When Deryck Todd started in 2009 he was able to build a reputation with glam signature pieces.   The designs unique point of view got attention right away at the famous Patricia Field boutique, Any Old Iron in New York City, and Korea’s Daily Projects.  This exposure lead to placements in titles such as Vogue Italia, Marie Claire, Town and Country, Paper Magazine and Nylon, seen on celebrities like Steven Tyler, Miley Cyrus, Boy George, Lauryn Hill, Raquel Zimmermann and collaborations with fashion legends such as Betsey Johnson among others.  

A born and raised New Yorker, Deryck Todd began his career as an artist and performer with the transformative nature of costume at the center of his work. Deryck was always impressed by the transmutational ability of hats and their contribution to a look. He was disappointed when he wasn’t able to find pieces that resonated with him in the market, pieces that would truly elevate or inspire.  He began to play with his own designs that pushed boundaries, had humor but still worked with classic snapback hat silhouettes and a brand was born.

Now the basic ethos of his work is rooted in the same idea - creating pieces with an idiosyncratic voice that people can have fun with.  Working directly with his manufacturer right outside of New York City, he now explores the use of textile and design with an emphasis on quality and fit, all with an irreverent flair.